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Gratitude Moments
working with Pam

Pam is a warm, caring, focused, and experienced healer.  She is an excellent listener, a creative problem solver, and an effective motivator.  I needed her full range of amazing skills to move through blocks and blind spots.  I found her gift of Light Language particularly transforming- it gave me a sense of above and beyond, empowerment, and serenity.  I continue to benefit from her positive support, responsiveness, and her connections with her and my Spirit Beings.  Thank you Pam, for guiding my next steps.


I met Pam Bright at an awareness fair in the Kent Commons near Seattle.  The half hour session we had, facilitated release of old emotions and patterns.  In addition I found that I've been more grounded and centered in daily living.
A month later I contacted Pam for a session.  This was very helpful not only in releasing, but also in that I'm now more easily able to distinguish between emotions that match a current circumstance and those unrelated that I might be pulling from past, even childhood, events.  Pam was especially kind in checking in with me, a few days after our session to see how I was doing.  Pam has divine cosmic awareness along with energetic healing abilities that create and assist energetic shifts unique to each person she is with.  I reommend Pam for anyone seeking release of old emotions that are interfering with current life and for assistance with energetic vibrational shifts or if you are just drawn to have a session with her, like I was.


I was so glad to be led to Pam for coaching when I was!  Pam has a warm and powerful coaching presence.  She held beautiful space during our coaching together for my higher self and heart to come forth. She supported me through change and transformation from everything from my work life to financial matters to my family life.  Pam truly walks the walk as a coach and guided me back to myself and back to my knowing in a powerful way. I recommend Pam to anyone who is looking to live a life beyond what they before thought possible!

Katherine Finley

I came with curiosity and left with clarity. Pam showed me the inside of the world when I was living on the surface. I got to know myself better,  and I was able to reorient myself for success with her help. I am grateful for her aid  on my journey.


Thank you again so much for all you've done for me. 


Pam is an awesome life coach! Prior to our work I felt helpless, as if I had very little choice in life. Then Pam introduced me to my Spirit Guides, who have been with me for my whole life, although I never knew it. What a powerful team they are! I first learned of Pam and her gifts while listening to her program on Transformational Talk Radio. There I was introduced to her gift of light language, which I was not familiar was extremely powerful. Pam was very flexible about letting me choose the pace as well as what we would work on for each session. She was also available anytime that I needed help between sessions. I would highly recommend Pam, she will introduce you to valuable life tools!

Jackie Dufield

 I have been working with Pam for six months. I have been very happy with the work we’ve done together. Pam is very good at teaching people how to connect with their spirit teams so if you need help with that contact her. Pam also activated me in light language, and I love having the use of the light language. Pam is easy to work with. She is an encouragement to my life. If you need a good life coach she’s your life coach. Pam has a wonderful personality and likes to laugh. I love making her laugh. Check out her web site, and get in touch with her and get on the path to your transformation today.

"Pam Bright and Bright Butterfly Enterprises work are powerhouses of intuitive wisdom and spiritual connection. Pam has a unique program to assist individuals to hone and refine their inner awareness and communication with their spiritual guides. As a longtime student of metaphysics, I was pleasantly surprised by Pam's approach and ability to reach within and pull out previous modes of thinking while identifying  soul contracts that no longer served me." 

Linda Ruoho

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