• Pam Bright

Was I just dropped here?

You may be asking yourself that question. Yes, sometimes it may feel like there is no rhyme or reason to your existence. "Life is Difficult....". M Scott Peck wrote in his book, The Road Less Traveled. What does that tell you about the human journey that you are on? This famous author seems to think that telling you, the reader this statement, might give you some insight regarding the journey that you have taken on as a human being. The Buddhist religion is based on the premise that "Life is Suffering".

What is the purpose behind these two statements? I believe that there is redemption and freedom in this. If we already know that life is difficult and we will suffer, then at least we have a starting off point. This may seem obvious and a given for some. Others of you may disagree and have a different point of view.

With the opening subject question, "Was I just dropped here?", I wanted to give you the reader, the opportunity to explore your inner landscape of beliefs. Questions like this one and "Who am I?" often come up for people who need to hold on to a reason for their existence. When you can wrap your head around the statements, "life is suffering, and life is difficult", it allows you to explore your humanity. What does it mean to be a human being? Does life always have be difficult? Do I always have to suffer? Do I have a choice?

Embark on your journey of what it means to be a human BE-ing with me! Are you ready?


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