• Pam Bright

Who Am I?

This is another crucial question when you are on a quest of spiritual growth.

When meeting someone for the first time we usually ask "What's your name?"

The next question follows with, " What kind of work do you do?"  After then it's, " Where do you live?"

All of these questions are polite questions regarding social niceties between people.  In my opinion they rarely get to the deepest question which could be one of the most profound. 


"Who am I?".  "Who are you?". 

Some answer the question with their own name.  A person may introduce themselves and then add mother and father's name.  Then grandparents and great grandparents, to honor ancestral lineages.

I might answer the question with " I am Pam Bright.  You might also have known me by my maiden or given name of Bye."

Or I might answer with," I am Bright Shining Butterfly Woman".  Or " I am a Being of Light, a wayshower, a beacon."

Depending on the circumstances and how much I want you to know me, this question of "Who am I " is, and will always be, an inquiry of discovery and fun curiousity.

As you ask yourself that question, be willing to delve deeply into the mystery of BEING. 


Listen.  Be willing to be surprised. 

Ask questions regarding who you are to your innermost self and love what you hear.

Be kind and gentle when diving into the soul.  Accept the love and support of others.

Until next time.......... Love and Light!

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