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Your Soul has a Unique Purpose for You as a Human Being

When you incarnated as a Human Being, your Soul made a choice. It chose all of the different parameters of existence Your gender, ethnicity, family of origin, what country you would be born into, all the specifics of your birth were predetermined.

You also brought with you all of the guides, teachers, and spiritual helpers that would assist you in the journey of being human. Your Soul also chose the religion or belief system that would give you the best lessons to learn in this lifetime for your Soul Path.

As a spiritual being having a human experience on the planet Earth, Free Will is encoded in your DNA. Your ego self and your spirit self get to make a choice of what your life is going to be like. Sometime in the course of any lifetime, your Soul may choose to shift, change, and renegotiate the terms of your incarnation as a human being.

This is the point that releasing old agreements, vows, binding contracts, and old outdated energies need to happen for your Soul to be able to fulfill on its purpose for this lifetime. Many times this is a turning point for humans which many perceive as The Wake-Up Call. For some a near death experience happens. For others, a birth, death, marriage, divorce, move, or other extreme life change will occur which some call the Spiritual Awakening.

This is a crucial point in the evolution of your Soul. Many people when they have these experiences, begin exploring spiritual paths, reading inspirational books, looking inward for healing and answers, meditating and praying. When the seeker is born from tragedy, injury, illness, loss etc. an ego death of sorts often occurs. It's important to allow yourself to surrender and allow it. The light of God, Source, The Universe wants to come to assist you.

Are you at this important time on your path? There are many leaders and human helpers here to assist you. Find them. Seek them out. You Do Not Have to Do Life Alone!

We love you. We have been in your shoes. We are here to fulfill on our Soul's Missions by assisting you in yours. Blessings of Love and Light.

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